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If your student needs to:

Be absent: Call the attendance office and leave a message. (612) 668-3429 - we check the voicemail all day and will update your student's attendance ASAP.

Leave early: Send a note to the attendance office (room 108C) in the morning with your student. They will receive a pass to leave at the appointed time. 

  • Notes reduce classroom interruptions.
  • You can avoid having to park and enter the building.
  • With over 1600 students, it helps us stay organized.

Be absent 3 or more days: The student should get an extended absence form from the attendance office or print the form below. They should have all of their teachers sign the form and then return it to the attendance office, room 108C.

Questions: contact Alejandra at:

Extended Absence Parent Form (PDF)  --  This form is required for student absences (3 or more days) for reasons other illness.