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Drop Off & Pick Up

The Washburn neighborhood was built before car traffic was popular, and it is hard to accommodate at lot of traffic.

Please do not drive your student to/from school if you can avoid it. We encourage students to walk, bike, or take the bus.

If you must drive, the only safe place to drop off and pick up your student at Washburn is on 49th Street on the school side of the street. If your student needs to be dropped off close to the door, you can pull into the 49th street lot and drop them right at Door 3, which is open in the morning until 8:30am. 

Please NEVER stop your car & drop off your student on 50th St. This is illegal and very dangerous. 

Also, please do not drive into the 50th street parking lot unless you are parking and coming into the building. This is not a place for drop off or pick up.

Please also do not drop off your student on the other side of the street so they have to cross the street. This creates bad traffic jams, especially in the winter. 

If everyone drives around the building on the school side of the street, and drops off students only where you see Parent Drop Off signs on Pleasant or on 49th Street, it will be safest for everyone. Please see the attached map for details. 

Finally, we do not have a student parking lot, so if your student drives to school, please ensure they understand how to be a good neighbor - not blocking driveways, parking only where it is legal, etc. Please also review Minneapolis Snow Emergency Rules with your student so they don't get towed.

Your student's safety is important and we appreciate your help in keeping all of our Millers safe, especially when the roads are snowy or icy. Thank you so much for your support! 

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