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Note that sources cited as (5050.a) means to go to this site: and look for policy # 5050 and part a. Sources cited as (5050A.a) means to go to policy # 5050A and look for part a. 

Most sources come from the above handbook.


Other sources include: 

Department of Education mandated reporting:

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network: 

Minnesota High School League Handbook:

FAQ on Title IX (2021):

Dr. Palmer’s forum FAQ record:;!!MxD8lHs9xPYQ!b_F-5kbnu3dywIzhEMin1nF6lpjwo67N8FiVbkXDmYCRH-mSvP38-RDcnUxRnnNolVVI6Z8QsCoDaolccg$